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Its always exciting finding unique and interesting venues for an outdoor wedding. The stretch tent offers a flexible stylish alternative marquee. I recently spoke with Nick Barton Jayne the founder of Tentstyle who offer beautiful stretch tents for any event big or small. Their tents are made in South Africa and they are able to offer a selection of freestyle Stretch Tents. I was eager to find out more so I started by asking about the man behind TentStyle.

So, Nick how did it all begin?
I’ve always had a passion for events and parties and when I discovered Stretch Tents they just grabbed me. I just knew people would love them for weddings and parties and so TentStyle was born. Now we’re booming!

Why do you think the Stretch Tent makes such a good venue for a wedding or party?
It’s so clear when you look at and stand in a Stretch Tent. They offer so much more than standard marquees with their flowing clean lines, stunning open sides enabling you to virtually bring the outdoors into the tent. We can also pull the sides to the ground to make a truly waterproof structure. The most amazing feature of our Stretch Tents is the endless set-up configurations and their ability to go over vitally any obstacle such as garden or water features, over walls, off buildings or trees creating a truly bespoke structure.

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Where is the most unusual place one of your tents has been set up? 
That’s really hard to say because we’ve had to deal with some really unusual set-up’s. An event we did was on one of the most easterly beaches in the UK where we staked into deep sand. Access was extremely difficult having to meander around a vast cliff – but we pulled it off!

Can the tents be heated? 
Yes! We use gas patio heaters inside the tent and indirect air heaters for larger, more enclosed structures, both of which always keeps the guests nice and snug.

Many of the images you see are shown are with raised sides, can the stretch tents be closed completely? 
Yes! On larger tents we can totally close all the sides creating a really enclosed environment which works well in the winter or in poor weather. We often advise having at least one or two sides pulled to the ground but it’s personal preference and very much depends on the site and the surroundings.

What is the maximum amount of time needed to set up and how many days before the wedding or event would you do this?
This totally depends on the size and complexity of the tent. To set-up, usually half the day but sometime a whole day for larger structures. We usually set-up two or three days before a Wedding to give the couple time to decorate and furnish but again we are flexible on timings and alway try to meet the wishes of the client.

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What about if I need a kitchen tent for my caterer? Can you provide these too? Can they be linked to the main tent?
Yes! We offer catering tents in various sizes and they can be attached to the stretch tent with a mini stretch, creating a waterproof connection.

The right lighting can make such a difference. What sort of lighting would you recommend to clients who really want their tents to sparkle?
Lighting works amazingly well in our Stretch Tents and truly brings the whole event to life! We can create virtually any lighting set-up a customer desires but we often use a combination of LED up-lighting, festoon and fairy lights which all work beautifully well together!

Wedding Stretch Tent

And finally what’s your favourite thing about TentStyle’s stretch tents? 
I have so many favourite aspects! But it’s got to be their beautiful aesthetics and sheer versatility – we very rarely turn down a job because of feasibility.

You can find out more about holding your wedding or party in a TentStyle Stretch Tent by going to: 

or contact the team on
T: 01403 333135



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